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Hi, from Ranch Australian Shephherd Family

Ranch Australian Shepherd Family focus on quality, not quantity. We have a few selective Breedings each year and take pride in being a small hobby breeder specializing in one breed alone – Australian Shepherd Puppies! Each of our puppies receive extra special attention from the day they are born. Puppies are raised in our home as a family with our children and cats. Our puppies are well known for their extraordinarily sweet and gentle temperaments.


Happy Pet Owners From Us


Always Working On Time On Dates To Make Sure Puppies Have A Warm Welcome


Strong And Healthy Puppies Ready For New Homes.


Liters Per year .. We do not breed much. A maximum of 4 per year

Bringing your new puppy home

The arrival of your new puppy can be a very exciting time as long as you take the correct steps. After adopting your new dog, you’ll want to make sure you’re ready for his awaited arrival. Learn everything you need to make sure his arrival goes smoothly: food, type of litter, favorite toys, what to do, what to have, and so on. And do not forget the key steps!

  • Be ready before your puppy arrives
  • Introduce your new Australian Shepherd Puppies to your other pets
  • Make sure his food is ready to serve on arrival.
  • Enjoy every moment with your new companion
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